Our Process

The Youth Investment Fund Learning Project is a unique opportunity to learn about the impact of open access youth provision on young people and communities.  It is also a unique opportunity to focus on data collection processes in the sector—what information we should gather and how, and how it can be shared and acted on.   As such, it’s important we get these processes right.


We are testing each type of data collection through a series of pilots.  These involves a subset of Youth Investment Fund grantees and young people trialling data collection methods, and feeding back their experiences and insights.  The Youth Investment Fund learning partners will then work with grantees and young people to amend and improve the processes, before rolling them out across the full cohort of grantees.


While this means we will miss an opportunity to collect a full first year of data, it does mean the data we do collect will be well targeted to tell a genuinely insightful story about provision.

Autumn 2017Spring 2018Summer 2018Autumn 20182019
Footfall, feedback and quality data pilots Co-design of common outcomes frameworkFootfall, feedback and quality data collection Outcome measurement pilot Planning for counterfactualFootfall, feedback, quality and outcome data collection Counterfactual data collectionData collection First full Youth Investment Fund dataset Impact insight Data collection Further Youth Investment Fund data datasets Impact insight


Coming in 2018

More information on the other elements of the Youth Investment Fund Learning Project, including the qualitative process evaluation, approaches to understanding value for money in open access provision and options for developing a counterfactual.