*New* Capacity Building Programme 2019/2020

A Capacity Building Programme will run between November ’19 and April ’20. Based on feedback from grant holders, the programme focusses on four key themes, which are listed below.

1. Numbers and stories: gathering data for insight

  • Gathering data with a focus on generating swift and actionable insights
  • Tools and techniques to make the most of your data

2. Formative evaluation: learning and improving as you go

  • Creating and maintaining a learning culture
  • Using data to inform decisions and track progress

3. Sharing your learning: meaningful reporting

  • Taking a measured approach to telling your organisation’s story
  • Making appropriate and proportionate claims about the impact of your work

4. Beyond the YIF: developing your future evaluation plans

    • Reviewing and reflecting on what your organisation has ‘learned about learning’
    • A step-by-step guide to developing and embedding an organisation-wide evaluation plan


You can access a range of resources to support your learning around each of these topics by following this link (which takes you to the shared YIF Capacity Building GDrive folder).

Topics A and B were covered in a series of webinars in November – December 2019. The guidance documents can still be found in the above folder if you’d like a recap of the content.

For Topics C and Topic D, we have just released a new guidance document and a 20-minute training video for each one.

We really encourage you to spend time engaging with the resources and discussing them with colleagues in your team.