Upcoming Opportunities

Here you can find information on upcoming opportunities to take part in as a YIF grant holder.

Want to share ideas or highlights with other YIF projects?

If you would be interested in sharing ideas or highlights from your work, to be published on our yiflearning website, please email yiflearning@thinknpc.org.


Would you like to hear how others are managing the YIF shared data collection approach?

If you’re interested in getting some peer support around any of the YIF evaluation data collection, please contact yiflearning@thinknpc.org and we can put you in touch with either one of our core advisory group members or another organisation. This can be a useful opportunity for learning about how others have gone about implementing the YIF data collection approach.

We also have a slack account (yiflearning.slack.com) where you can communicate with each other. The slack online discussion forum enables you to develop your peer network of youth workers, whilst also enabling you to share learning and good practice over the course of the YIF. You can start up a conversation thread or contribute to any existing conversations taking place. It’s very quick and easy to do!


Want to take part in the YIF Shared Outcomes Data Collection?

The collection of outcomes data takes place through surveys administered to young people at various intervals over a 12-month period. This is not a compulsory dataset for grant holders, but it offers a wonderful opportunity to be part of the largest outcome evaluation of open access youth provision undertaken in the UK.

For grant holders who participate in our outcomes data collection, there will also be the opportunity to work with the YIF learning project team to use their outcome and cost data to produce a value for money estimate (i.e for every £1 invested you create £X economic value).

Roll out of the outcomes data has been taking place from February to March 2019. However, if you are still interested in getting involved at this stage, or would like more information about the data, contact: yiflearning@thinknpc.org.